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GLSNY needed a modern web footprint with digital marketing targeting the specific clientele. We crafted an elegant user interface that can engage not only the niche market but any intending user who stops by for a visit.

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Homeowners Financial Group

Homeowners Financial Group (live) I was given the custom design by the client for this site. I then had to incorporate this design into their existing, and somewhat complex, Wordpress site. This included modifications to over 60 individual templates in order to incorporate the new look throughout all previously existing pages.

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Tonic (live) A database-driven e-commerce solution, highly customized with extra features in order to achieve the look that was wanted by the client. Some of the features include wholesale ordering, an advanced order manager, and a one-page-checkout.

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Online Talent Resource

A very complex social network where talent agencies can find and communicate with actors, musicians, entertainers, dancers, and stage crew. The client had a lot of input on the actual design/layout of this site.

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Army of Frogs – Join the Kulipari (live) A national media campaign including a theater trailer was directed at this website portal. It's a hard-coded, massive eleven layer, horizontally scrolling parallax website. And a blog created in WordPress. After development of the site and the book, the client released a Netflix series in 2016. View the Official Trailer

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Flexy Fit

An e-commerce solution needed by a small wholesale & retail store for a Southern California women's active wear company. It is a responsive full-width template and very mobile friendly.

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Arizona Glass Specialists (live) Probably one of the most complex Joomla 3 designs I've published. With over 1800 lines of custom styles and plenty of customized Joomla extension templates, this site blows away Arizona Glass Specialists' competition's websites. CSS3 was used for all of the animation-rich buttons, links, and intro. The ability for the company's employees to be [...]

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RidePicker (live) This is an internal site I created to offer another option besides Craigslist for long distance ride sharing. It provides the same service, but within a social network. Which helps take the weirdness out of sharing a ride with someone that you know nothing about. The site is a full fledged social network in [...]

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Kylie Delauren

This site was created for an actress so that she had somewhere to display her resume online. The design is simple, yet incorporates the latest in CSS3 & HTML5 animations. It also includes parallax scrolling on the home page and a page with background video. The client can easily add news articles, photos for her [...]

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Frakata (development URL) This was created as a single page/landing page for an app. It has a simple look, but a complex feel. Virtually every element on the page is animated as per the client's request.

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